Line Item Veto and Line Item Passage Amendment?

Back in the Reagan and Clinton days there was talk from these Presidents requesting line item veto power so they could cut waste and pork spending. The Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. The only way to make it constitutional is to turn it into an amendment.  I’m in favor of restarting this conversation. I’d love to see an amendment not only for line item veto for the President, but also Congress.  You might be thinking, what? How on earth would that happen?

Obviously I’m not talking about Congress getting veto power because they don’t have veto power. Congress makes bills and passes them on to the President to sign or veto. However, recently we’ve had quite a number of bills go through Congress that were said to have been not read. Now, I’m not sure how you feel about that, but I think if someone is saying “Yea” to a bill passing, I’d like it if they read every line and every provision. So much so, I’d like each member to have to put their signature/initials by each line saying they agree with it. I’m tired of hearing Congress saying things like “Well, overall it was a good bill.” Implying that there were segments of the bill that they didn’t agree with. One of my goals in making this amendment is to make Congressional members accountable for any pork they pass. If they didn’t like a section of the bill, they can not agree with it. If the Bill gets to the President and is too incomplete that as a law it’s not workable, it’s his job to veto it and send it back to Congress.

So what do you think? Line Item Amendment?

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Government is Broken – We The People Can Fix It

We’re tired of policitians. Why? Because they don’t really seem to be about fixing things. They seem to be about doing the things that will get them the financing to get elected. And to that end, they will try and APPEAR to do the things that we are asking them to do. And why should they? They are working the system that has been set up for them. We need to change the system.

Of course we can’t expect them to repair the system that they know how to use. The people in power will not want to have that power be limited or even lost. They are the gatekeepers. And as we’ve found out from the recent Senate rules changes, at any point in time that they decide the rules are too difficult, they go and change them.  If they don’t like their salary, they can increase it. If they want better benefits, they can write laws that give them better benefits. If they don’t want to live under the same laws as the rest of us have to, they can write themselves an exemption. The people I’ve spoken – no matter if Democrat, Republican or Libertarian – all agree that Congress is corrupt and reform is needed.

Now, I am not a politician. I’m not even a very good writer. But I’m an idea guy. I also have seen the power of a group to solve a problem. A large group of people trying to fix a system, is less likely to be influenced by money, by special interests and by political parties.

Wikipedia is crowd sourced information. There are open source software platforms that are crowd sourced. There was even a recent series of laws in Finland that were crowd sourced and they learned quite a bit from that process (

My goal behind this site is to get all the people together that have been writing books and blogs and articles (or are idea people like myself) and to put our collective heads together and figure out a way to reform the system that keeps the lawmakers from being their own worst enemies. Each week I’ll try and throw out ideas on this website as well as Twitter and on Facebook and Google + and we’ll try to come up with solutions that I hope one day will lead to a Constitutional Convention being called by the states (bypassing the federal government) and replacing or adding amendments that close the loopholes that Congress has been abusing.

Some of the classics include Term Limits, Campaign Reform, and Balanced Budget Amendment. I also have several others that I believe would be worth discussing.

I have some trepidation about tinkering with the Constitution. The reason I would consider adding to it is because I believe the intent of our forefathers in declaring independence from England was to be free. I believe that freedom is legislated away.

My political leanings are more toward a free market system. I would probably consider myself a Libertarian, but I also have some beliefs that some might consider liberal and some might consider very conservative. Everyone always wants to say their site is non-partisan. I have an idea of how I want this all to go, but I am not a crowd. I want solutions.

If someone comes in to a doctor’s office complaining of knee pain and the doctor gives them ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) or even a narcotic (pain killer) and the knee pain temporarily goes away, we all have to admit that the root cause of the knee pain was not a deficiency of Advil or Vicodin. We can say we’re “managing the condition” but then we have to understand we’re not fixing it and there will likely be a few unintended consequences (side effects) of the “treatment”.

It’s rehabilitate government to do what it was supposed to do.

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